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Office of the Claims Commissioner

The state, unlike most of its citizens, is immune from liability and from suit. Without its consent, the state cannot be held liable in a legal action for any damage or injury it may cause or for the cost of any good, service or benefit it may have received.

In most other cases where there is no legal or administrative remedy available, a person claiming to be injured or damaged as a result of state action must pursue a claim through the Office of the Claims Commissioner (OCC). The legislation implementing this process is set forth in Chapter 53 of the General Statutes. Those provisions define the duties and jurisdiction of the Claims Commissioner, who is appointed by the Governor with approval of the General Assembly, and has the duty to decide when it is "just and equitable" to waive the sovereign immunity of the state.

Office Overview

Commissioner, Office of the Claims Commissioner
165 Capitol Avenue, Suite 123
Hartford, CT 06106
Telephone (860) 713-5501
Facsimile (860) 713-7435

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